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I was approved to run this fanlisting on December 16th, 2016. It took me five days to complete it: layout, coding, and all. I was that obsessed and excited about this fanlisting /sobs/. I tried to express just how much I adore this man here, but realized it was too complicated (and much too emotional) to be appropriate for this tiny fanlisting. So I created an entirely separate shrine dedicated to Yuri. Creating this layout was so much fun, and also an absolute pain. I'm not very familiar with jquery so I had one hell of a time trying to put this all together. However I have my absolutely wonderful friend Andrea to thank for saving my sanity and helping me with codes; and for shooting constructive opinions my way. I can not possibly thank you enough Andrea!!

The beautiful images I used for the layout were screencaps taken by myself while rewatching the series for like the eighth time haha! (jokes jokes) The fonts Abril Fatface, Droid Sans, and Playfair Display were provided by Google Fonts. Scripts used include: Nicescroll3, FancyBox, and Simple Tooltip.

The Lovely Affiliates

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